October 26, 2016

Lightning Bolt Films is a production company engaged in the development of theatrical motion pictures, as well as original programming for TV and content for the Internet and mobile devices.

Founded in early 2010 and based in Cocoa Beach, Florida, the company is owned by award-winning  journalist-screenwriter-director John Buchanan,  whose work as a print journalist has appeared in major newspapers and magazines around the world.



Latest News

Lightning Bolt Films has completed “Dinner,” a short film intended as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock and inspired by the twisted adult short stories of the late British writer Roald Dahl. The film tells the troublingly amusing story of a skilled older predator who uses the lure of a seemingly innocent dinner invitation to prey on vulnerable young women.

Written and directed by John Buchanan, the film will have its world premiere as an official selection of the London City Film Festival on October 26. It has also been entered into other major U.S. and international film festivals for late 2013 and 2014.

The short is currently being developed into an independent feature film that will be shot in early 2014.


Learn more about “Dinner” at DinnerTheMovie.com.

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